About the Clinician

I have been a professionally licensed speech-language pathologist since 2004. I received my Bachelor’s in English Literature from Clark University in 1993, my Master’s in Speech-Language Pathology from New York University in 2003 and my Certificate of Clinical Competency from the American Speech- Language Hearing Association (ASHA) in 2004. I presently own and operate Miceli Speech Therapy & Stuttering Solutions™ in Tucson, AZ which is a private-pay practice providing in-person and online (via Skype, Facetime or other web-based platforms) bilingual speech therapy services in the following areas:

- Stuttering Solutions™ and support
- Language delays
- Articulation/Pronunciation difficulties
- Verbal social groups for people with autism
- Speech-Language optimization and development 0 – 8 years (for parents and Pre-K/K teachers)
- English improvement for Spanish speakers
- Socialization through language
- Individualized Education Plan (IEP) consultation and review
- Multilingual Communication Boards (8 ½ by 11)
- Public Speaking/Presenting

As a lifelong severely profound stutterer now predominantly fluent and bilingual (English/Spanish), I am also the founder of the ST.A.N.D.! project (STuttering Awareness Now, Dammit!) which actively campaigns for stuttering severity awareness and to ultimately silence the laughter towards stuttering and other speech disorders in movies, television, radio and other mainstream media in the United States. I have spoken at numerous universities and businesses in the New York City area on the subject of stuttering awareness (I was born and raised and lived in Greenwich Village, New York City from 1971 until 2012 when I relocated to Tucson), and am available for speaking engagements in Tucson, Phoenix, and surrounding areas.

Thank you for your interest,
Andrew Miceli, M.A., CCC-SLP

Checklist for On-Time Speech-Language Development


(0 - 5 years / Major Milestone Information):

Contrary to the outdated yet still widely believed premise, children do not begin to speak "when they're ready" or "when they want to." The opposite is actually true: time (think "age")-specific speech-language skills are acquired as the child passes through certain chronological ages.​​​​

The following information as a first-step, rudimentary review of some of the major milestones children ascend regarding language skills. After reviewing the information, if you have any questions or concerns, or would like more detailed information re: typical speech-language development, please use the CONTACT US link below the information to schedule your free consultation.

(Source: Roseberry-Mckibbin, Celeste & Hegde, M.N., An Advanced Review of Speech-Language Pathology (Preparation for NESPA and Comprehensive Examination (p141 - 152), 2000 PRO-ED, Inc, Austin Texas)

by 18 months - 2 years

- Around 18 months a child understands about 200 words and produces about 150 words
- Utterances can be up to three to four words (should be at two-word stage)
- evidence of "holophrastic" speech (one word may be used used for multiple meanings)
- Begins asking questions (may be in single word form)
- Begins verbalizing basic wants/needs (i.e., "I want ball", "potty," etc)

by 2 - 3 years

- Evidence of basic sentence structure
- utterance length should be up to three to four words by 3 years
- At 30 months comprehension up to 2,400 words; by 3 years up to 3,600 words
- Expressive vocabulary ranges from 200 - 600 words with an average of 425 at 30 months
- Answering simple "wh" questions (what, who, where, etc)
- at 3 years a child can begin to verbalize an account of an experience, tell a basic story

by 3 - 4 years

- Comprehends up to 4,200 words by 40 months, up to 4,800 words by 4 years
- Language has approximately 800 - 1500 words
Uses "modal" verbs (could, would, should) in language
- Asking more questions (how, why, when) using more complete, and varied, forms
- Negates when speaking (i.e., "Jon can't come over.")
- Uses irregular plurals
- Produces regular past tense and present-progressive verb forms

by 4 - 5 years

​- Comprehends up to 6,500 words at 54 months, up to 9,600 words by 5 years
- Expressive vocabulary should be somewhere between 1,500 - 2,000 words
- Produces pronouns
- Produces "why" and "how"
- Understands time concepts, object functions, and various verb tenses
- Verbalizes longer, chronologically correct stories and stay on topic
- Begins to tell jokes
- Verbalizing to know the "why" of something

After reviewing the above-cited information, if you have any concerns or questions, or would simply like to discuss the process of language acuisition in general, please call me at 520-812-9256 (office) or 917-887-4716 (Tucson mobile) to set-up your free consultation.

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