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Why is speaking well important?

Objectively speaking, society is veering more and more towards communicating through technology. Often, when two people are engaged in a conversation (even young children) they are looking down and typing instead of looking at each other’s eyes and faces and verbally communicating. Whether it’s emailing, instant messaging, texting, tweeting, or communicating through Instagram or Facebook, “verbal” often does not appear to be the preferred method of communication anymore. This means “great speaking” is something we’re hearing and appreciating less and less, which is exactly why speaking well is so important, or can be, especially during the early stages/years of development.
Take it from someone who has stuttered his entire life - developing timely, fluent speech-language skills at an early age:

  • Enables a child to verbally explore their environment (not just physically)
  • Often facilitates a degree of independent confidence/self-worth (vs. thinking or needing to seek it from an external source)
  • Jump-starts socialization skills and the ability to make friends (short-term, long-term, lifelong)
  • Improves the potential to (better) transition to daycare, playgroups, preschool, headstart, kindergarten, or anywhere the child will be with peers from several hours to an entire day
  • Assists a child with communicating more effectively (wants, needs, etc) with daycare, preschool, headstart, or Kindergarten teachers and staff
  • Increases the likelihood a child understands what others are saying and what’s going on in the environment around them
  • Increases the potential for classroom success (i.e., understanding the teacher’s instructions or questions, peer comments and questions, a willingness to raise their hand to ask and/or answer questions, more)
  • Provides a foundation and support for reading success (learning the proper pronunciation of specific speech sounds and their written forms/counterparts)
  • Potentially increases the opportunity for bilingualism
  • Can provide motivation and reason for putting forth a solid effort in school
  • Can develop leadership through confidence/command of the spoken word
  • Affords a foundation for considering such avenues as (the) debate team, school government roles, leading or starting clubs or groups, etc
  • Allows future challenges such as college and future job interviews to be prepared for with confidence so a positive, even distinguishable impression can be made.
  • Accompanies the child throughout the entire course of life while simultaneously providing a solid reason to try anything and everything (because speaking well has been learned and honed) and no reason not to try anything and everything (for the same reason).

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Birth - Kinder Language Stimulation Training

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Multilingual Communication Boards

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IEP Consultations

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